How to use Twitter for business – Combining the power of Video

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How to use Twitter for your business – Combining the power of Video

Twitter is an amazingly efficient social media platform, it’s a media stream and when you combine it with a video it’s a professional way to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Twitter is a people’s app. You follow people on twitter and people follow you based on the information that you share.

I have personally worked on over 1000 web videos for clients all over the country and teaches marketing through YouTube channel.  I have more than 35k subscribers on my channel. Here are some tips that I learned from my experience and would like share with you all – How to use Twitter for your business.

Check out my recent video on how to use Twitter for Business:

Having niche on your twitter

It’s really important to have a niche on your twitter. Twitter is a very keyword sensitive, you don’t have a lot of room (only 280 characters) to share your thoughts however if you want to share more information a video is a good way to do it and with a good call to action, you can drive people to your website and blog on twitter.

Get people attention

Twitter is really a powerful tool with full of information. You can get people’s attention. So, use the right keywords and keep them in your headlines. You are free to use any kind of appropriate images to get people’s attention and also through videos that you post.


Twitter is a great platform to promote your product or service. You have to choose a right way. You can tell people that you are offering free services and who tags your keyword would be considered as priority. Or you can ask them for the feedback to change your service catalogue that you are developing.

Choose the right way and get on to your audience.

Going live on twitter

Going live on twitter can be an excellent way to drive traffic to your social media. Now when you go live on twitter you are actually using a powerful app  which gives you a lot of opportunity to share more information and ideas with your audience unlike uploading a video directly to twitter which only allows you 140 seconds.

Share your Video

Sharing a video on twitter can be really powerful and if it is good enough people re-tweet your content you can reach a lot of people quickly.

Create a custom URL

One thing I highly recommend is that to create a custom URL. So People can easily remember. Social media is really important and if you want to get people attention use video to respond to people tweets. You can also share links from other platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube on Twitter

Conclusion: Twitter is an excellent place to establish your brand around the world because of the relationships and community that we can build right here. Now when you add a video it makes all powerful.

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