How to Build An Educational Channel and Make Money Sharing What You Know

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Many people think that you should only have a channel if you already have a thriving business or know how to make funny videos with cool edits or something like that. This is absolutely not true. YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. If you know anything about anything, you can build a channel sharing what you know and use it to actually start and build income helping people by answering the questions they have with your knowledge on your passion topics.

Business owners and entrepreneurs often start channels on YouTube that “teach people stuff” and on our recent podcast “The Business of Video” we talked with Ileane Smith… a video entrepreneur who has built a great following just by teaching people what she knows. She is a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber and social media veteran who started blogging by accident when she actually thought she was “subscribing” to her daughters blog. Since then she’s committed to helping others avoid all the mistakes she’s made along the way.

In the interview, she shared some insights and tips in the following areas if you want to build an educational channel, or share educational content as a way to draw leads to your business, product, or service that is in the field to which you share your knowledge.

Some of the Tips You Will Learn on the Show

1. Keyword research….we know this, but Ilene gives some great insight into ways to think outside the box in this area to really start getting ranked.
2. Rotate Content…Ilene shares why this is important to building your channel and continuing to get new viewers.
3. Creating Captions….no it doesn’t do something to in the YouTube secret code to send more people to your channel, but there is good reason to do so and it will only help your channel.
4. Don’t hold back–there’s a lot of wisdom in what she shares in this area. It may not be what you think either.
5. Monetize in a variety of ways–check out the awesome ideas she has
6. Create playlists and be creative with what you put in them.
and more!

So if you are contemplating how to build a YouTube channel or interested in how you can educate leads more in your field, check out this podcast and take notes. You don’t want to miss this.

Watch the Podcast Here

Watch the Podcast Here


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