Best Budget Vlogging Set Up For Starting a Business Vlog

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Thinking about Starting a Business Vlog But Don’t Want To Break The Bank?

You definitely do not need to break the bank while still getting a great set up to start your vlogging channel. Here are 4 basic essentials to get you started and looking great, with lighting for under $400 and a camera for under $500 .

  1. Background Set— clean and lit up a little with some color and backlight. It is super important to have your back ground clean and not cluttered.
  2. Hair light to separate the subject from the background.
  3. Fill light to light the frame and you can adjust the light to not wash out the talent.
  4. Camera–Any Cannon will due. In our case we are using a Cannon 60D and ideally we’d recommend a Cannon T5i.  Use and 18-135 lens, settings to ISO 800, Shutter speed 130 F4.5.

Download the full guide for my best budget vlogging set up for your business vlog here:  Go behind the scenes of my professional business vlog on YouTube to discover my best budget vlogging set up for starting a professional vlog.

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